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Treatment Sessions

How long does it take for the machine to make my hands and feet dry?

Treatments are cumulative and it will take time before results are seen. The normal time frame is 1-2 weeks of treatment before the user will start to see a reduction in sweating. Please continue treatments as recommended. To understand the treatment timelines, have a look at the graph below.If, after 6 weeks, there is no noticeable improvement, there is a chance the treatment is not working for you. In this case, please call us for further information.

How Long Before You Stop Sweating

How frequently should I use the machine?

Use the machine daily, adjusting it to the highest voltage that you find comfortable, until your excessive sweating lessens. Once your hands and feet are consistently dry, you should use the machine less often, setting your own pace until you start to sweat again. After a continued use, you'll be able to gauge when it's time for a maintenance treatment.

Should I do my treatments in the morning or at night?

The time of day does not have any affect on the effectiveness of the machine, but you should pick a time that will help you maintain a consistent treatment schedule.

How long should each Iontocure treatment last?

Every use of the Iontocure machine should last at least 20 minutes up to a maximum of 30 minutes, making sure to spend half the time on each polarity.

At what point should I reduce the number of sessions?

You should reduce the number of sessions once your hands or feet are dry. We recommend that you cease doing sessions once sweating has decreased by about 90%. Usually, after a week or two, you will begin sweating again. When you do, you should do a session again. If your condition is severe, you may have to do sessions twice a week. After a continued use, you’ll be able to gauge when it’s time for a maintenance session.

Is this treatment painful?

When done properly this treatment should not be painful. If you are experiencing pain during treatment you may have the intensity level set too high or increased sensitivity to the treatment. Be sure to cover irritated or cracked skin with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. Open cuts may be especially sensitive to the treatment so we recommend waiting until they heal before resuming treatments.

How can I maximise my treatment?

Always use the highest voltage you can without hurting yourself. Do 15 minutes sessions on each hands or feet instead of 10 minutes.

I feel like I'm sweating a little bit more. It that normal?

That’s actually a good sign! It means that your body is reacting to the treatment. You should feel the positive effects in a few treatments.

I feel the current in one hand more than the other, is this normal?

Everyone reacts differently. Often your strong hand will have thicker skin than your weaker one. This is because you favour it to do tasks that may build up the skin.

My hands and feet are dry, but the top of my fingers and toes are still sweating. What can I do?

To make sure the top of your fingers and toes are dry, make sure they’re submerged under water. You can also wear cotton gloves or socks to help.